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Our expert Astrologer reveals you how the horoscope, covering all areas of your life Similarly, the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) will not be on the same February 17 (In Pisces) – March 10 (in Aquarius); June 18 – July 12 (in The period between May 13 and June 25 will bring emotional problems in the.

That said, each house also has its own natural planetary ruler and sign that may differ from your personal one. So, just because, for instance, the first house of the zodiac is ruled by the sign Aries and the planet Mars, it could easily be in the sign Libra with the planet Mercury in it in your birth chart.

The Role of First House in Astrology

I know, it's a little confusing; is this pie analogy helping or just making you hungry? You'll want to know which sign each of your houses falls in, and which planets you have in each house. If all of this sounds complicated, not to fear. A professional astrologer can be a huge help when it comes navigating your birth chart and understanding the houses as well as the signs and planets that you have in each of them, so I highly recommend consulting one if you really want the inside scoop on your astrological self. It's amazing how much insight you can gain into your life, personality, habits, relationships — everything.

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Let's take an astrological open-house tour, shall we? These are the basic meanings for each of the 12 houses in astrology. Once you've got that down, take a look at the sign that each house falls into in your chart as well as the planets you have living in each to find out even more about how these apply to you. What it represents: Your first house is also known as the "ascendant" and it begins our ride through the astrological houses. It represents "you" in the simplest terms, and governs both our self-image and the image we project to others.

It even literally rules over our physical appearance.

As described by AstroStyle , the first house very fittingly "covers the all 'firsts': first impressions, the self and appearance, leadership, new initiatives, fresh starts and beginnings. It's important to note that "[a]ny planets in this house will greatly influence your personality and how others perceive you," according to Astro Library. What it represents: The second house is all about money, wealth, and earthly possessions including your five senses!

It also deals with value — and when I say value, I mean both how you value material things and how you value yourself. On the darker side, this is also an area of the chart that, depending on your placements, could indicate issues of greed, low self-worth, or financial hardship. What it represents: The third house, as Spirit Articles put it, " extends our sense of self outwards and represents the communication with others " — so everything from how you express yourself through words and actions to virtual communication via the internet and your devices.

It also deals with things relating to your environment early in life — like siblings and neighbors, your mind when it comes to "lower" forms of thinking , and primary school. And as it's ruled by chatty Gemini and communication-forward Mercury, "gossiping, chatting and small-talk are definitely also represented here," as described by The Astro Codex. What it represents: This house is your foundation literally, it's found at the very bottom of the zodiac wheel! Planets here can indicate a lot of energy going toward your family life. What it represents: This house is all about creative energy and the attainment and expression of your pleasure — in short, it's about having fun!

This covers things like hobbies and recreational activities that you do just to make yourself happy, as well as all things related to romance, love affairs, and casual sex. And in a literally creative sense, it also rules over children. It's also considered a house of "luck," so look to the planets you have here if you want to know how you might fare when it comes to games of chance.

As Astro Library put it, "affairs of the heart are in the 5th house," so analyzing your planetary placements and sign in this house can tell you about how you deal with these matters. What it represents: This house is all about the work and service you put in during your life — what your work ethic is like, how you personally make yourself of service to others, and even the mundane tasks that are required of us in our day-to-day lives.


This house also rules how physically capable you are of actually doing work, which is how it ties into your health, too. This relates to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, like diet and nutrition, exercise, and the quest for self-improvement. It's also interesting to note that this house is the ruler of pets and small animals, perhaps because of the role they play in both our health and our daily responsibilities. What it represents: As this house falls opposite to your first house of self, so does what it governs.

The Ninth House

This house is all about relationships and partnerships of all sorts, which includes marriage as well as business partnerships anything with a contract between multiple parties, basically! Conversely, it rules over negative relationships too, like competitors, enemies, divorces, or lawsuits. As you may have noticed, legal issues are a theme here Libra is the sign of justice, after all , so look out for your planetary placements in this house as potential indicators to be wary of binding contracts.

There's an old saying we often spout to others: "Never judge a book by its cover. Astrologically, this conundrum is quite fitting when we consider the 1st house of a horoscope.

Negative traits of Aries

The 1st house is the starting point of a horoscope that launches with the all-important Ascendant, or Rising sign. The sign on your first house cusp, as well as any planets in your 1st house, are reflected by what's happening in the Eastern skyline at the precise moment of your birth. The structure of your birth chart -- what houses each of your planets falls in -- is entirely dependent on the location of your birth.

Perhaps the most prime real estate of all, when it comes to the way your particular horoscope is arranged; indeed location is everything. Which planets are in your 1st House of Self? Environment plays a huge part in the meaning of the 1st house.

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Psychologically, the sign on our Ascendant tells a unique story about how we were expected and encouraged to fit into our early environment. Gemini rising? You might have been the one in your family to ask all the questions and encourage dialogue. Cancer rising? Perhaps you were the caretaker in your clan -- even through childhood.

Libra rising?

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You may have been the peacemaker in your early environment. We all have a special role in our family. The 1st house speaks volumes about yours. The sign on the Ascendant and any planets in your 1st house tell the story of what traits were most readily encouraged early on in your life path.

In addition to this however, the 1st house of your chart is laden with specific supplies personality traits to help you illustrate the cover of your personal book in a detailed way. This will be the most immediate way you react to your environment because it was deeply ingrained from childhood that in order to survive, you need to act in this way.