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Our expert Astrologer reveals you how the horoscope, covering all areas of your life Similarly, the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) will not be on the same February 17 (In Pisces) – March 10 (in Aquarius); June 18 – July 12 (in The period between May 13 and June 25 will bring emotional problems in the.

May ACS Athens continue to thrive and be this way! Manolis showed musical talent at an early age and began piano lessons at just over.

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Later he enrolled at the Athens Conservatory for. Manolis Papasifakis with felllow pianist Dimitris Vezyroglou, four-hands piano recital at the Athens Conservatory. Following college studies he moved to New York City and embarked on what would. In he was a finalist in the. New York International Chopin Competition. Based in his na tive Greece since the early s,. Either as a piano soloist or as a.

For many years the official accompanist of. He is a regular faculty member at the. Musical Odyssey Masterclasses held every summer. George Matheakakis. Read more here. June 14! We welcome new Alumni to the international. Congratulations Academy Principal, Dave Nelson!

Equity Maps is proud to be recognized among the best apps for teaching and learning. T hank you aasl! Serving as an ACS Athens ambassador, the. Student Affairs and the schools to create and maintain pathways for community participation that advance the goals of the Institute; partnering with. Development colleagues to identify, cultivate, solicit and steward alumni giving;. To be considered for this vacancy, please reference job title and your last name in the subject line e.

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Deadline: July 12, San Antonio Texas. All alumni and friends and family are invited! Plans are still being processed but the big party will be Saturday night June 13, Tour of the city--free time--a cruise of several islandsa trip down to the Peloponnese.

Pass this along to all you are in contact with. He is president of the Starburst Foundation, conducting interdisciplinary research in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, cognitive psychology and ancient mythology. Theories he has originated and published in these fields provide explanations to many unanswered questions. Because of the broad scope of his contributions, he has been termed a Renaissance Man.

While there, as a researcher in respiratory protection, Paul invented an improved pulsation dampener for air sampling pumps which today is used on all air sampling pumps used by miners and also invented and patented a new type of life-support rebreather apparatus. He was the first to show predator-prey oscillation behavior in stock market trends such as the Dow Jones Average. He originally wrote the paper for a business school finance class and later published it.

Predator-prey market theory has now become a fruitful field of academic investigation. His findings received much press attention in the U. During Paul's first year at PSU, he developed a feeling tone theory of brain function based on the work of psychiatrist William Gray. This theory explaining the process of creative thought formation, received considerable publicity and attention from various universities. Paul is the originator of a novel approach to microphysics which resolves many long-standing problems in physics and renders previous unified field theories obsolete.

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He was the first astronomer to disprove the expanding universe theory by showing its inability to fit observational data in a consistent manner, and has shown that subquantum kinetics provides a viable alternative to the big bang cosmology. Experiments he conducted with colleague Guy Obolensky showed evidence that electric fields can travel faster than the speed of light. Paul also has demonstrated that black holes cannot exist and that what astronomers claim are black holes are actually very massive stars which are creating and emitting tremendous amounts of matter and energy at a prodigious rate.

Needless to say Dr. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Contrary to standard belief, Paul has shown evidence that the energy of a light wave is not constant over long periods of time. On the other hand, he has shown that light waves traveling within galaxies actually gain energy over time, i.

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He informed NASA about his photon blueshifting prediction and urged them to look for a blueshift in their spacecraft transponder signals. Paul is also credited with discovering that the masses and luminosities of both planets and stars conform to the same logarithmic relation, indicating that red dwarf stars and planets are both powered by genic energy, and that standard theories which claim that stars are powered entirely by nuclear energy are incorrect.

Paul is also the originator of the galactic superwave theory which proposes that cosmic ray outbursts from the center of our Galaxy periodically trigger major shifts of the Earth's climate. His findings about superwaves have been spotlighted in documentaries airing on the Discovery and History channels. In testing this theory, he became the first to discover high concentrations of cosmic dust and gold in ice age polar ice.

He is also the first to discover superconducting cosmic dust particles composed of a tin-lead alloy in 49, year old Greenland ice. This dust event constituted the largest influx of dust to fall onto the Earth in the last , years. One of the particles he imaged holds the record of being the largest monomineralic cosmic dust particle yet found.

Mass spectrometry analysis of the dust, which he conducted together with an Australian cosmochemist, led to the world's first discovery of anomalous isotope ratios in tin, an indication of its extraterrestrial origin. In he requested samples of polar ice from the Russian base in Vostok, Antarctica, becoming the first U. His request led to the creation of the current US-Russian ice core exchange program. He was also the first to show evidence that the last ice age was ended by a global warming episode due to an over-active Sun.

He has uncovered evidence establishing that the Pleistocene large animal extinction was caused by an extreme solar flare outburst which produced a terrestrial conflagration 12, years ago, an event that is chronicled in many ancient myths including the ancient Greek myth of Phaethon.

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His glacier wave theory also presents a credible explanation for the sudden freezing of the ice age mammoths in Alaska and Siberia, and for how lignite deposits came to be formed, such as those currently being mined in Megalopolis. More recently he has established that the extinction of Neanderthal man was due to an extreme solar flare event which occurred during the passage of a major superwave. Also Paul has shown that the locations and pulse characteristics of the most unusual radio pulsars mark key galactic locations and exhibit geometric relationships suggesting that they may be communication beacons artificially engineered by extraterrestrial civilizations.

He is also the first to suggest that radio pulsars could be part of a galactic GPS network for space navigation, something that NASA is now actively investigating for deep space travel. He was the first to decipher a message encoded in the Scorpius-Sagittarius zodiac constellations warning of the passage of a galactic superwave 15, years ago.

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He is also the first to work out the significance of the ancient Greek myth of Astraea and of the zodiac mosiac displayed in the Beth-Alpha Synagogue, both of which record the occurrence of a solar conflagration which struck 12, years ago. His work has provided new understandings of the ancient Minoan bull-leaping ritual, the Pleiadean rites, and the meaning of myths connected with the Taurus and Orion constellations. In addition, he is the first to decipher the astronomical significance of the South American Indian Barasana cosmology which refers to cataclysms originating from the Galactic center.

Aided by his background in general system theory and physics, Paul was able to successfully decipher the lost science said to be encoded in the lores of the Tarot and astrology. He has found that the first 11 major arcana of the Tarot and the 12 signs of the zodiac both use symbolic metaphor to present an advanced science of matter and energy creation. He has shown that the systems-genesis concepts they encode were discovered by modern science only in the last 50 years.