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Our expert Astrologer reveals you how the horoscope, covering all areas of your life Similarly, the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) will not be on the same February 17 (In Pisces) – March 10 (in Aquarius); June 18 – July 12 (in The period between May 13 and June 25 will bring emotional problems in the.

Astrology has always fascinated society — and we can learn quite a bit from your birth date. The 19 can suggest, in numerology the number one. It is said, in many older astrology books that you hold an interest in general human interaction psychology and you may choose a profession in this area.

There is a focus on being interested in economic issues in life.

Discreet and moderate, you do not stand in opposition to new ideas but gladly accept others especially at work. But your enthusiasm is hard to awaken, and despite your sympathetic nature, you do not always manage to control others. Of course, I believe this is a positive thing!

Sometimes withdrawn and indulged in your own thoughts, you have an inherent talent for prediction, we all have this intuition but you can sometimes take it too far.

At times, people describe you as someone who lives in peace with your neighbors, but you can be consumed by your work. You can achieve success in professions such that deal with psychology as already mentioned radio, electricity, aviation, cinema, or railways.

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When you become rich, those around you will benefit as well as you are quite generous. The influence of Aquarius makes you be unique and intelligent while the influence of Pisces in your life means that, you have a problem separating dreaming from the reality. The two normally overlap. And since you are under the influence of Pisces, it follows that your intuition and dreams are visualized and makes you see things more clearly and be able to set the right goals in your life.

You are very brave and determined and even an early age, you will show signs of overcoming your emotional sensitivity. You are a well developed and solid individual who is ready to deal with the day to day stresses of life efficiently. It is a fantastic trait which gives you an incredible ability even if you are sensitive. You are very imaginative and love traveling and in the process, gain new experiences and that is what enable you to grow in all aspects of your life. Emotionally, you love adventure and relationships that are emotional. You would rather be alone than being in a relationship which is not romantic.

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You have great ambitions and set yourself goals that are very high, goals which are unattainable in real life, but you are unstoppable in regard to your dreams. You can separate your personal life from your professional life and that could be the reason why you are very successful. Your desire is to lead a job on your own so that you are able to express your individuality but you also find it easy to work in a team as long as the members are successful people who will support your engagements. You feel comfortable in an environment of people who are ambitious as they tend to encourage your grandiose goals.

You are someone who is blessed with talents and you normally give out the impression that you are reliable and safe. You are very outgoing not because you want to benefit from others or meet new people based on what they are capable of doing for you, but your interest is purely to explore the emotional state of other people.

You like others because you are in a position to enter into their shoes and feel how they feel. And that is the main reason why you like meeting several people.

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If you are born on February 19, it means that your sign is Pisces, making you highly emotional. It is a trait that most people consider to be negative yet it can be a source of strength. Since you look at the world in emotional terms, it enables you to be able to practice empathy. You are someone who is very sympathetic and you can go out of your way into the shoes of other people and look at the world from their point of view.

Unlike Aquarius who are used to practice sympathy due to their ideas, yours stems from a different root. You make sure that you step in the shoes of other people from an emotional point of view and that is what makes you be a very sympathetic person. You need to stick to firm boundaries otherwise, you will end up hurting yourself in the process of trying to protect and serve others. You are a giver in love and your passion is everything to you, but it is not ordinary; your style is that of the expression of the original work, intriguing and direct.

You are someone who is very intelligent and you cannot be with a partner for the sake of fun alone, you need a relationship that is intellectual in the first place. When in love, you are always in search of the essence, but it is not easy for you to achieve that since you are closed emotionally, meaning, you are only open partially, and it is something else that cannot be seen, which remains impenetrable and hidden. If someone is charming, intelligent, witty, lucid, eloquent and funny, then you will be attracted to them. And whatever message that you receive, you answer it very confidently and with a certain style.

You are someone who is very curious and due to this, you observe everything that is happening around you curiously. When handling interpersonal relationships, you are mobile and always ready for an action that promises good entertainment, new knowledge, and experience that is exciting and this a fact that someone who wants to fall in love with you should know. You are someone who is very tolerant and thus, your partner should expect the relationship to be in an environment that respects the right to free will and in return, you expect encouragement, support, and endless inspiration.

You are a hopelessly romantic person. You believe that there is love for the sake of love. As much as you are loving and caring, you need to remember that, not everyone is like you. In real life, there are people out there who would love to take your generosity, kindness, and nurturing and give you back something very little in return.

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It will come as a shock to you but these people exist and you are likely going to meet them. Take precaution and ensure that, whoever you choose to be in love with deserves your affection and love. Since you are someone who is loving and caring, you will not lack someone to choose from. The opposite sex sees what is in store for them in you and they tend to easily get attracted to you.

You are governed by Neptune planet which is a watery planet. It is associated with fantasy and known for its remoteness.

You are one person who tends to live in your own fantasy world as far as the emotional state is concerned. Your ideals about emotions are ones which cannot translate well most of the time. Water is the element that influences your life and that is why you tend to in a constant fluid state most of the time. In order to be happy, you will need to embrace your natural moodiness as there is nothing wrong with you.

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